Mine multiple sources of data for profitable new AdWords keywords

Add 100s or 1000s of keywords straight into your AdWords campaigns

Completely free!

Keyword Funnel can harvest keywords from a wide range of sources
Exploit the longtail icon

Exploit the long tail

Long tail keywords cost less per click and convert better than the most popular terms, improving your ROI.

Find negative keywords icon

Find negative keywords

Create a comprehensive list of negative keywords to avoid wasted clicks and improve clickthru rates.

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Group your keywords

Save time and increase your quality scores by automatically sorting keywords into tightly focussed adgroups.

Compatible with:

Apple Mac OS X
10.7 or later

Microsoft Windows
8 / 7 / Vista & XP

Find out how Keyword Funnel can improve the profitability of your AdWords campaigns

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Keyword Funnel is a must-have PPC tool. I manage numerous AdWords accounts on a daily basis and Keyword Funnel saves me time when analyzing large search term reports. It helps me quickly spot interesting new keyword themes as well as keywords that need to be excluded. I highly recommend Keyword Funnel.


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